5 Best Unbreakable Bongs

Bongs are amazing, we can all agree on that. They are a classic and effective way to consume cannabis in big hits while also enjoying comfortable cooling. Passing a bong with a fully packed bowl is a party classic. Sometimes it can feel a lot like a bonding ritual (though, that is probably because of the effects of a hit rather than any spiritual or social significance). There are hoards of collectors out there who appreciate bongs as much for their aesthetics as they do for what they can do.

Of course, there is a downside. Bongs are generally made out of high-quality but pretty fragile glass. All it takes is a moment of clumsiness for the entire thing to shatter into a thousand pieces. There are few worse noises to hear when you’re high than the tinkle of broken glass. A decent bong can set you back hundreds of dollars, seeing that spread across the floor in shards is less than ideal. The fragility of bongs means that they’re also less than ideal for travelling with.

“There must be a better way?” I hear you ask, in your most 3 a.m.-infomercial voice. Good news, there totally is. If you travel a lot, or a terminally clumsy, then maybe an unbreakable bong will suit you.

  • Price
  • Materials
  • Colours
  • Size
  • Joints

The Trailer Park Boys Silibongs - $34.99

Silibong by Trailer Park Boys made from silicone
10Expert Score
Impact-Resistant - 14 Inches

The Trailer Park Boys’ Silibongs are a range of high-quality bongs made out of 100% high-quality silicone. These bongs are impact-resistant, flexible, and food-safe. Don’t worry, all the important parts are still made out of glass, and the bongs feature a glass bowl and down stem. The bongs come in several varieties that are all themed after beloved Trailer Park Boys’ characters. The Jullian is purple, The Bubbles is blue, and The Ricky is green. All of these feature portraits of the character they’re themed after, and the final bong, The Triple Threat is a stylish black and features the whole gang.

  • Removable Ice Catcher
  • Difussed Down Stream
  • Suction Cup Base
  • Very Bright Colors
  • Could be considered "cheap"

The Lady Killer Bong - $41.99

The lady killer bong by Killer Bongs
10Expert Score
Acrylic Plastic - 15 Inches

A lot of non-glass bongs are fantastic but don’t really push the boundaries of bong design. For the most part, they simply replicate the classic design of glass bongs but in a more resilient material. The Lady Killer from Killer Bongs bucks this trend. Plastic materials can be shaped in ways that glass can’t and the Lady Killer has taken full advantage of this. It’s tall, unusual design, bedecked in black and red is eye-catching in the extreme. This seriously impressive bong looms at an impressive 15”, and is carefully shaped to allow for ergonomic ease of use. As with other unbreakable bogs, the important parts are made from high-quality glass. The kink in the design of the tube is perfect for catching ice cubes, this lets you enjoy an additional level of cooling

  • Additional Cooling Options
  • Easy To Replace Parts
  • One Color

Eyce Beaker Bong - $69.99

Silicone Beaker bongs by Eyce
10Expert Score
Silicone (BPA Free) - 12 Inches

Eyce are on a mission to perfect the silicone bong. They see no reason that silicone bongs can’t stand side by side with their glass cousins as a fantastic way to enjoy cannabis. Their bongs are free from BPA (an industrial chemical), made from food-grade silicone, and have a number of fantastic hidden features. Each features a hidden stash jar, rolling tray, ice catcher, and a magnet that will hold your lighter. On top of all of this, the beaker bongs offer you a fantastic smoking experience. Their broad base offers stability and a huge reservoir for a cool and comfortable sesh. Like all silicone bongs, Eyce Beaker Bongs are high quality, durable, and more than capable of standing up to the rigors of travel.

  • Magnet To Hold Lighter
  • Hidden Compartments for Accessories
  • Plenty of Extra Accessories To Buy
  • Expensive Silicone Bong

The Piecemaker Kali Silicone Bong - $45.00

Small silicone bongs by KALI
10Expert Score
Sleek & Compact - 8.5 Inches

This compact silicone bong is built for the stoner with wanderlust. Obviously, it is made out of reliant and flexible silicone, but it also features a compact and ergonomic design. The Kali also features a comfortable and ergonomic mouthpiece that would be extremely hard to replicate in the traditional glass. It features a removable stainless steel bowl that is also break-resistant, making this one of the toughest bongs we have. The bowl also features a handy cap that ensures that you can bring this bong with you wherever you go.

  • Matching Parts
  • Easy To Travel With
  • Unbreakable Stem
  • Not for Everyone

Roll-Uh-Bowl Bong - $32.00

A foldable and crushable bong By Roll Uh Bowl
10Expert Score
Collapsible - 8 Inches

The Roll-Uh-Bowl is a foldable, crushable, and tough-as-nails bowl that is specifically designed for outdoor use. When you want to transport it, simply tuck the down stem in to the cylinder, wad it up, fold a band around it and pack it away! As an added bonus, the Roll-Uh-Bowl is also dishwasher friendly, so cleaning has gotten a little bit easier. If you need a compact bong that is the toughest of the tough, then you this bong is for you.

  • Super Easy To Travel With
  • Moisture Build Up (If Not Cleaned Properly)
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