The 12 Best Weed Accessories For The Cannabis Connoisseur

So you think you’re a cannabis connoisseur? If so, then you’re sure to have a collection of accessories that would fill even the biggest stoner with envy, right? Wrong. Sure, die-hards and try-hards tend to have vast collections of rasta-themed gadgets that’s taken them years to build up. But the contemporary 2020 connoisseur knows that actually, you only need a few key accessories to get the most out of your weed. 

You could spend hundreds of dollars on accessories if you wanted to. And if you do, then be our guest. But if wasting money and plastic isn’t your jam, then check out our round-up of the best weed accessories for a collection that works for you, your 401k, and the planet. 

The Best Stoner Accessories

Just want to get the best high possible? Check out these top weed accessories for recreational users.

Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong $27.01 - $33.05 

mini tree glass bong marley natural

Size isn’t everything – well, at least not when it comes to bongs. The Mini Tree comes with all of the features and design of a high-end bong, without the high-end price. 

Marley Natural - Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe $40.00

smoked glass spoon pipe marley natural

If you don’t want a high that’s too intense, this baby could be the one for you. And with a price point that’s tough to beat, this is a savvy investment. 

Crafty Plus Vaporizer $279.00

crafty plus vaporizer storz bickel

Okay so this is more of an investment, but the latest addition to the Storz and Bickel vape family is one of the most talked-about vapes out there right now and for good reason.

The Best Girly Weed Accessories

Members of the fairer sex have long been frustrated by the lack of feminine weed accessories available to them. Thankfully, this is changing. 

KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vape Pen $69.99

ice cream man vape pen by kandypens

Perfect for vaping waxy oils, these vape pens are functional and cute as hell. They come in a range of bright colors including pink, red and yellow and use leak proof technology to make sure your vape is as smooth as it is pretty. 

Custom Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe $67.00

rose quartz crystal custom pipe

Honestly, we’re not sure that a pipe can get any more beautiful than this quartz beauty. The genuine rosebud terrarium gives it a touch of real luxury that’s hard to come by. The only problem is that it’s so pretty, you might not want to use it!

Kannastor V2 Grinder $61.49

v2 grinder kannastor

Widely considered to be one of the best and most long-lasting cannabis grinders on the market, the peony pink and grey aluminium means that the Kannastor V2 will satisfy even the most feminine of stoners. 

The Best Weed Accessories For The Car

Just to be super clear here. we’re not sharing accessories that you can use to consume weed while you drive because — well, please don’t do that. But if you’re looking for a way to show fellow drivers that you are indeed a cannabis connoisseur, check these out!

Welcome to Colorado Bumper Sticker $5.35

welcome to colorado bumper sticker

Obviously ideal for Coloradans, this bumper sticker is the perfect blend of millennial eye-rolling and humble bragging. 

Mighty Car Charger $19.00

mighty vape car charger storz bickel

The Mighty is widely accepted as one of the best if not the best vaporizer on the market today. And the fact that it comes with this handy car charger doesn’t hurt. Ideal for anyone who uses their vape on the regs and needs to charge on-the-go. 

Legalize Weed Decal $5.22

decal legalize weed

Living in a state where legalization is still a question? Fancy doing a little campaigning while you’re stuck in rush hour traffic? With a decal like this on your car, you’re always fighting the good fight. 

The Best Affordable Weed Accessories

Struggling with massive student loans, sky-high rent, and credit card debts? We got you. You really don’t have to shell out big bucks in order to build a collection of quality accessories. Here are our top picks for the best weed accessories that won’t break the bank. 

Airtight Ceramic Marble Container $9.99

airtight ceramic marble container danmu

At the end of the day, if you’re not storing your weed in an airtight container like this one, it won’t matter how dope your bong is or how much you spend on that shiney new pipe. Plus, if you keep your stash fresh in a stylish container like this one, you can have it on your coffee table without anyone knowing what’s inside. 

RAW Natural Bamboo Rolling Matts (3 pack) $2.40

rolling mat by raw

It doesn’t get much more affordable than this, but that’s not the only reason to buy these matts over other brands. Made from natural bamboo, these bad boys are durable and incredibly easy to use, even for the most clueless novice.

Small Ceramic Ashtray $9.99

small ceramic ashtray by waa home

It’s easy to get all caught up in the latest vape technology and the coolest new bong designs but you’re probably not going to get very far without the most basic of weed accessories — the ashtray.

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