The 5 Best Rolling Papers

It’s safe to say that the majority of cannabis fans had their first taste of dry herb from a joint. Hand-rolled joints are a true classic of the cannabis scene and are among one of the oldest methods of consuming weed. They’ve also become a point of pride for a lot of (faintly tedious) people out there —  how many times have you borne witness to some guy bragging about his rolling ability at a party? How many times have you seen over-elaborate rolls on Instagram? A lot, we’re gonna guess.

Of course, joints are still a great way to smoke cannabis, they’re quick, easy, and papers are nearly universally available. Of course, as with anything, there’s more to a good roll than just picking up the first box of skins you see and working away. If you invest in some quality papers you are sure to enhance your cannabis experience — not to mention make the whole process of rolling a lot easier to endure.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers - $1.99

Rolling papers made from hemp by Raw
10Expert Score
King of Rolling Papers

RAW are the rolling papers, there are few brands with the same level of gravitas and acclaim as this. Based in Spain, this company is renowned worldwide for the sheer quality of its papers. Its connoisseur organic, king-sized rolling papers have a great reputation for a reason. They’re all sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, made out of chemical-free, unrefined organic hemp. You may notice their signature sepia coloring, which comes from the fact that unlike other brands, RAW doesn’t bleach their papers in the production process. This ensures that you get to enjoy the purest possible flavor from your weed, with no chemical taint. Each paper is also physically watermarked, which helps slow how fast it burns, allowing you to enjoy your cannabis slowly instead of racing against that ever-encroaching ring of fire. These papers also produce very little ash, which is nice when it comes to clean-up time.

  • Eco Friendly
  • King Sized
  • Chemical Free
  • A lot of fakes out there

OCB Rolling Papers King Size Papers - $2.99

Ultra slim and thin rolling papers by OCB
10Expert Score
Europes Favorite!

These papers are extremely popular in Europe, in fact, they’re the de facto paper of choice for many seasoned European stoners. It’s not hard to see why these ultra-thin papers are so fine that they’re barely there! They’re also totally natural, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals ruining your cannabis. And they’re manufactured with a leisurely smoke sesh in mind, they burn extremely slowly, which is a must for any joint you plan on passing around at a party. The papers are treated with super-strong Arabic gumming, this means you can pack them to their limits and they’ll still hold together. Of course, as we said, these are pretty thin. So, if you’re a clumsy roller, then you might have a hard time keeping them in one piece!

  • Can provide a very nice and tight joint
  • Positive
  • Can have poor air flow

Elements Rolling Papers, King-Size - $1.00

Rice paper based rolling paper by Elements
10Expert Score
An Easier Roll

Less is more, except for the times when more is more. Elements are another fixture of the rolling scene (I know, we’re saying that a lot, but the most popular papers are actually the best!). Made from natural rice paper, you can be sure that these are up among the most sustainable choices out there. On top of this, rice paper leaves very little ash behind, which is pretty cool. The most distinctive element of, uh, Elements, is their criss-cross watermark. This ensures that the fine paper doesn’t burn too quickly, forcing you to suck down your joint in a hurry. Finally, Elements are folded at the side, rather than down the middle like many papers, this makes it eminently easier to roll and perfect for novices and the uncoordinated alike.

  • Useful for Beginners
  • Slower Burn
  • Lack of any flavor

Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers - $1.99

Rolling papers with added flavor by Juicy Jays
10Expert Score
Flavor Filled Papers

We don’t know who Jay is, nor can we comment on his juiciness. However, we can whole-heartedly endorse the quality of his rolling papers. These king-sized rolling papers have a distinct flavor that is above and beyond that of other brands. These are about as far from a novelty product as you can get. This is down to its unique triple-dip system that infuses these papers with fantastic taste. There is a dizzying array of different flavors, including: Blackberry Brandy, Jamaican Rum, Watermelon, Pineapple, Very Cherry, Strawberry, Double Dutch Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Blueberry, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Coconut, and Green Apple. All of these are made from pure hemp and use natural sugar gum and soy-based ink, so you don’t have to worry about the processing too much.

  • Plenty of flavors to pick from
  • Hemp based paper
  • Natural Suagr
  • Gimmicky unless you really love them
  • Joint can easily die

Smoking Deluxe Rolling Papers -$1.50

Slow burn rolling papers by Deluxe Smoking
10Expert Score
Simply Premium

The word ‘Deluxe’ and the packaging of these papers scream classy. The super-slim lightweight design confirms this. These king size rolling papers are made from rice and feature a natural gum are a treat to roll with. This paper, hailing from Spain, is the best of the best. They are a premium product for a premium smoking experience. These have no gimmicks, no bells, no whistles; they simply offer you a high-class smoking experience.

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