Bong are without a shadow of a doubt, the classic way to smoke cannabis. Think about it, they’re the de facto pop-culture icon of cannabis fans. No college comedy is complete without a bong making a cameo appearance. For all the comedic connotations, though, bongs are so much more than joke props or dorm-room decor.

For hundreds of years, humans have been using some form of water pipe to cool their cannabis’ smoke. Ancient water bongs have been unearthed in archaeological sites that date back to Mesopotamia and ancient China. In the modern era, the first patent for what we’d recognise as a modern bong bong was filed in the US in the 1960s. These water pipes have a long and well-established legacy, so maybe we should treat them with a bit more respect?

The modern bong is just as popular as it was in ancient history. Thousands of people reach for their bong every day when they want to indulge in some quality sessions. Just because it’s an age-old way of smoking cannabis, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any innovations.
Whatever your preference, you can find a high-quality bong made from scientific-grade glass, organic bamboo, or sturdy silicone. There is a staggering range of different bong types, from the old classic tube bong and beakers to cutting-edge recyclers and perc bongs.


Bongs are amazing, we can all agree on that. They are a classic and effective way to consume cannabis in big hits while also enjoying comfortable cooling. ...


Let’s face it, in the world of weed, bongs are icons. From teen comedies to modern dispensaries, bongs are one of the most recognizable and legendary ways to ...

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