The Best-Tasting CBD Oils You Can Buy

CBD oils are a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of this famous cannabinoid. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the taste. CBD oil is often made by using solvents, like CO2 or butane, to flush the various cannabinoids and terpenes out of hemp. After this, the solvents are boiled off by a vacuum oven leaving nothing but the pure plant extract behind. The leftover plan is often mixed into a solution with a fatty oil, often coconut oil. This is a great way to create a bioavailable tincture, unfortunately, it doesn’t always taste great. 

As Mary Poppins said, “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down,” and this generally holds true. Dozens of CBD brands have gone the extra mile and made sure that their products are as tasty as they are effective. Here are the best-tasting CBD oils we’ve tried. 

  • Flavour
  • Price
  • Package Size
  • CBD Potency
  • Total Servings
  • CBD type
  • CBD per serving
  • CBD Carrier
  • 3rd party tested
  • Extraction method

CBD FX CBD Oil - $59.99

Blueberry pineapple and lemon CBD oil by cbdfx
10Expert Score
Blueberry, Pineapple and Lemon

CBD FX tinctures are made from totally vegan, non-GMO CBD tinctures. All of their tinctures are made with full-spectrum CBD and organic oils. This improves bioavailability and improves absorption. The effects of this fantastic CBD oil is further augmented by the entourage effect caused by all the cannabinoids of hemp working in unison. CBD FX offers its products in a massive range of flavors. These include blueberry pineapple lemon, lychee lemon kiwi, and lemon lime mint. These fantastic and unique flavors are ideal for the CBD patient who also has somewhat of a sweet tooth.

  • All products are vegan
  • They've got some nice flavors available that'll suit most tastes

Green Roads CBD Oil - $44.99

Mint Breeze CBD oil by Green Roads
10Expert Score
Mint Breeze

Green roads are an award-winning CBD company that have dedicated themselves to improving their customer’s health, both physical and mental. They started small, formulating products for friends and family. Driven by their desire to help their customers they have grown into a high-quality and impressive CBD producer. Green roads offer their oils in a range of strengths to cater to nearly any taste or requirement. Not only that, but you can get their CBD oils in a range of spectrums, from broad-spectrum to whole-plant full-spectrum oils. All of their blends were specially formulated by qualified pharmacologist to ensure purity, balance, and efficacy. These premium oils are available in three fantastic flavors, natural, apple kiwi bliss, and mint breeze. Each of these fantastic flavors makes taking your morning dose of CBD oil easy and appealing.

  • Their stellar reputation gives peace of mind to customers concerned about quality
  • They have an awesome product range in different concentrations with something for everyone
  • There's not a massive range of flavors to choose from

Mana Artisan Botanics CBD Oil - $130.00

Coconut and Vanilla CBD Oil by Mana Artisan Botanics
10Expert Score
Coconut & Vanilla

Mana takes their name from the native Hawaiian term “Manao”; the intention of sharing one’s knowledge. Mana has built their company around the belief that everyone has a deep desire for wholesome, healthy life. On top of this, they have made a commitment to a sustainable, regenerative agriculture, stimulation of local economies, and holistic health education. Based in Hawaii, they apply their philosophy not only to their hemp crop but many of the other plants and natural ingredients they use in their tinctures. Their hemp oil is infused with turmeric and vanilla, giving it a unique and fantastic taste that you won’t find anywhere else in the CBD industry. It is a synergistic fusion of cannabinoid-rich hemp and Hawaiian grown turmeric and macadamia nut oil. All of these ingredients are sourced from organic soils. Their hemp is cultivated, pesticide-free, in Colorado. The turmeric that gives their oil its distinctive taste is cultivated on Honaunau farm, it is tinctured in organic sugar cane alcohol. This gives it a unique quality that makes their oils a pleasure to consume. Even the coconut and macadamia nut oils they use as the medium of their tinctures are carefully sourced and processed. All of this care and attention contributes to a fantastic and delicious CBD oil that stands out from anything else in the industry.

  • It's hard not to fall in love with their sustainable ethos
  • Their flavors are awesome thanks to the extreme quality of their ingredients
  • All of their products are organic
  • Website slightly out of date
  • There isn't a very big range of flavor choice
  • Some of their products are expensive and might be out of most people's budgets

Nature’s Script CBD Oil $49.99

Watermelon and peppermint CBD oil by natures script
10Expert Score
Watermelon and Peppermint

Nature’s Script built their philosophy around their passion for delivering fantastic products to those who take living well seriously. They noted that an active lifestyle can take its toll and those who practised it needed everything they could get their hands on to ensure that they were in top condition. To this end, they formulated a range of great-quality CBD products. Nature’s Script sources its CBD from high-grade industrial hemp. They only use crops that have been grown to a rigorous standard on American farmland. Their products set a high bar for the US CBD industry, thanks to their in-house manufacturing that is subjected to multistage testing and the scrutiny of experienced compliance officers. This may all sound slightly clinical, but we can assure you, Nature’s Script considers far more than the raw data. Their CBD oil is intended to be as palatable as it is effective, and they have made it available in two flavors: A brisk and refreshing mint, and a sweet and smooth watermelon.

  • Rigorously tested so you know the quality is reliable
  • Delicious flavors
  • Some of their products are pretty pricey (although some are super affordable so we're clutching at straws here)

Fab CBD CBD Oil - $39.00

Collection of flavored CBD oils by FAB CBD
10Expert Score
Berry, Vanilla, Mint, Citrus and Natural

Fab CBD’s goals are far from understated, they want to lead an entire generation towards preventative wellness. This is the idea that by constantly taking wellness products that bolster your immune system, you can enjoy a better quality of life. Through a combination of scientific data, nutritional know-how, and innovation, Fab CBD aims to produce some truly notable CBD products with many health benefits. Fab CBD lives by a company philosophy of only doing good by people, and, together, with their customers, they have offered support to an array of worthy causes. They have even started a partnership with Make-A-Wish and helped the organization complete three individual wishes. It’s safe to say that ‘sweet’ is a fitting (if understated) label to apply to Fab CBD. Incidentally, it can also be applied to their CBD oil. Their oil drops are a fantastic source of cannabinoids that have a range of beneficial properties, all while tasting fantastic! Their flagship oil comes in a range of flavors from the refreshing mint and citrus flavors to the sweet berry and vanilla. If you want to indulge your sweet tooth while enjoying the benefits of CBD while also indulging their sweet tooth.

  • They have a great range of flavors and concentrations
  • Great R&D behind their products
  • Charity partnership with Make-A-Wish
  • Higher concentrations can be a little pricey
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