The 5 Best Types of Edibles To Buy Right Now

5 different types of edibles you can purchase

Edibles are a well-known part of the cannabis scene. Everyone knows about special brownies and, with the advent of legalization and the proliferation of dispensaries, they’re rapidly becoming a common consumer product.

However, edibles are more than just a way to enjoy a time-delayed high. They can be an effective way to access the benefits of CBD, too. On top of this, “edible” doesn’t just mean brownies and cookies, they can come in many more forms. If you’re new to the CBD scene and you want to enjoy it without having to subject yourself to bitter drops or boring pills, then any of our following favorite innovative (and tasty!) edibles might be right for you.

  • Price
  • Flavours
  • CBD Potency
  • Total Servings

Hemp Infused Mints

Pure hemp botanicals CBD mins
10Expert Score
Pure Hemp Botanicals Mints - $24.95

These CBD mints are a tasty and handy way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. They are infused with organic hemp CBD and available in a range of flavors. These flavors are beyond the spearmint and double mint of many products, you can find chocolate mint, strawberry mango mint. These are an incredibly handy way to take CBD, you simply place a mint under your tongue where it will gradually dissolve. This way the CBD is absorbed by your body faster than it would be if you had swallowed it. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy CBD oil drops and pills. Pure Hemp Botanicals work to a mantra, “Compassion in Action.” This means that they ensure that all of their products are pure, sustainable, and beneficial for their customers. We especially appreciate the compassion they are showing to our taste buds.

  • Organic Hemp
  • 3 Flavors
  • Ethically Sustainable
  • Positive
  • Pricey (But they do include CBD after all)

Hemp Infused Gummies

cbdMD cbd gummies
10Expert Score
cbdMD Gummies - ($29.99 - $99.99)

cbdMD pride themselves on two things: Quality and innovation. They seek to produce the best CBD products on the market and they will only use the finest CBD-rich hemp and the most cutting-edge technology to do so. While gummy supplements may not be the most innovative thing in the world, you can be sure that cbdMD makes them to the most rigorous standards. Their gummies are made with the same premium ingredients as all their other CBD products. Gummies are a great (and obviously tasty) way to work CBD into your daily regime. Of course, it can be hard to stop eating these once you start… but do, please don’t overdo it.

  • The Peoples Favorite
  • Selection of CBD Concentrations
  • High CBD Concentrations
  • High In Sugar (May not be that bad for some)

Hemp Infused Tea

Pure hemp botanicals hemp mins
10Expert Score
Pure Hemp Botanicals Tea - $12.95

Pure Hemp Botanicals haven’t stopped at mints alone. What could be more compassionate than a nice cup of tea? A cup of tea infused with high-quality CBD obviously. Their CBD teas are infused with full-spectrum CBD, taken from hemp. It is packed with CBD and terpenes that work together amazingly thanks to the entourage effect. The standard flavor of their tea is simply hemp, which is pretty nice in a way reminiscent of green tea. However, Pure Hemp Botanicals didn’t stop there, they also provide a range of great flavors that suit anyone’s tastes. These flavors include apple hibiscus, chamomile lavender, ginger turmeric, peppermint mate, and spearmint lemongrass.

  • Very Affordable
  • Tastes Great (Not Overpowering)
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • 6 Flavors To Pick From
  • Limited Stock
  • Only 16 Tea Bags Per Canister

CBD Infused Energy Drinks

Joy Organics CBD Drink Mix
10Expert Score
Joy Organics CBD Energy Drink Mix - $19.95

Joy Organics are a family company, and that means they know the reality of family life. Sometimes (especially if you have young kids), you need a kick to get you through the day. Their CBD Energy Drink Mix is a fast-acting, natural, and safe way to enjoy an energy boost while also enjoying the benefits of CBD at the same time. Each sachet contains 75mg of caffeine to help you kick start your morning. These are great if you’re steeling yourself for a particularly active day as not only do you get a shot of energy, but you can be sure that any of the aches and pains will be soothed too.

  • Unique Dietary Supplement
  • Eay To Consume
  • Fast Acting
  • Throrghly Tested
  • Contains Caffeine

Hemp Infused Chocolate

Mana Artisan Botanics hemp chocolate
10Expert Score
Mana Botanics Dark Chocolate Bar - ($18.00 - $162.00)

This is a somewhat more traditional edible. However, it is still perfect for anyone hoping to enjoy the beneficial effects of CBD. The delicious Hawaiian sea salt and dark chocolate flavor of this bar is a treat to anyone, whatever their reason for consuming it is. Mana Artisan Botanics aspire to be a source of good in the world, and with this bar, they’ve gone a long way towards achieving that goal.

  • Very Rich Taste
  • 100mg CBD
  • Ver y Expensive Chocolate
  • Vague Prodcut Details Online
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