Marijuana Mayo

You know TFW you’re smothering your favorite grilled cheese sandwich with store-bought mayo and you think to yourself, “This mayo needs a little pizzazz?” Well we are here to answer your prayers. That’s right. Get ready to embark on the culinary journey of a lifetime  — marijuana mayo is here. 

Now, you might be wondering what the point of such a thing could be. The truth? There is no point. Marijuana mayo isn’t going to cure your chronic pain. It won’t relieve your cramps either. And it’s certainly not going to treat your depression (please people, if you have medical concerns, seek the advice of a medical professional). But what marijuana mayo will do is add a little whimsy to brighten your day — and your sandwich. 

Wait, What? Mayo That Gets You High?

OK so mayo that gets you high might seem more than a little cray, but really it kind of makes sense if you think about it (really, really hard).

Since states first started to change their minds when it comes to cannabis, people have been finding more inventive ways of enjoying the plant (although realistically,  people have always done this regardless of its legal status). And food has emerged as one of the most popular ways to do it. 

Nowadays you can find a cannabis-infused version of pretty much anything, from the predictable brownies and other baked goods to the slightly more obscure food products like honey, potato salad and lobster rolls. So, considering that mayo is in the top three most popular condiments used by Americans and can be found in almost every refrigerator across the country, a marijuana version almost seems inevitable. 

The Pros and Cons

On the fence? Here’s a list of why’s and why-not’s that might help sway you either way. 

  • Pro – it’s weird and that’s interesting and life is dull so why not experiment? 
  • Con – if you really really love the taste of mayo, you’re likely to be disappointed. 
  • Pro – people will be fascinated by your foodie wisdom when you casually mention your homemade marijuana mayo at parties. 
  • Con – it’s only (legally) available to people in some parts of the country. 
  • Pro – it could spark within you a passion for cannabis cuisine that lasts a lifetime. 
  • Con – it could put you off ever trying anything weird ever again. 

What Can You Do With It?

You can substitute your standard, basic AF mayo with this marijuana-infused version in pretty much anything you like. Here are a few ideas to help get the creative juices flowing:

  • You can use it as a dip for chips, chopped veg, or toasted pittas. 
  • It makes a great side for dry white meats like turkey or chicken. 
  • Go old school and whip up some devilled eggs with a THC twist. 
  • Mix it with tuna and pile it up on a jacket potato. 
  • Or just make life easy and use it in sandwiches. 

How To Make Marijuana Mayo

The Ingredients:

  1. 1 large free-range egg
  2. 1 or 2 tablespoons of good quality dijon mustard
  3. The juice of 1 organic lemon
  4. A pinch of salt
  5. A small pinch of cayenne pepper 
  6. 1 ¼ cup of canna oil (cannabis-infused oil) 

The Equipment:

  1. A food processor

The Method:

Step 1. 

Add all of the ingredients except for the canna oil to your food processor and blend until it reaches a smooth consistency. You may want a little more salt or cayenne pepper depending on your preferences, so give it a taste and season as much or as little as you like. 

Step 2. 

When it’s looking and tasting right, start slowly adding the canna oil to the mixture while the processor is on a slow blend. 

Et voila! All that’s left to do now is enjoy your marijuana mayo (and get it up on IG for the humble brag, of course). 

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