Boundless CFX

6 Total Score

The Boundless CFX likes to portray itself as a more budget-friendly version of Storz & Bickel’s Mighty. However, this vaporizer is so much more than a pretender. A fantastic model in its own right, the CFX boasts a powerful heater, a clear and easy to read screen and a handy folding mouthpiece that makes it supremely easy to use. It also has a hefty battery, making it great for sharing around at parties. On top of all of this, the Boundless is capable of delivering a dense, potent vapor. Thanks to its high-grade ceramic heating chamber, you can be sure that each hit will be smooth and untainted. And because of its combination conduction/convection heating system you’ll get the most from your dry herb.

Customer Support
  • 1. More affordable price point,
  • 2. Folding mouthpiece makes it easy to use,
  • 3. Potent vapor production
  • 1. Short battery life
  • 2. Long charge time
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