6 Weed Strains With the Most CBD

THC likes to hog the spotlight, but a new challenger to the hotly-contested Most Famous Cannabinoid throne has appeared: CBD. While today, CBD is widely available (and most recognizable in its oil form), it wasn’t too long ago that no one knew what it was at all. Of course, all this CBD has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is high-CBD strains of cannabis and hemp. If you’d rather get your CBD straight from the source, then rest easy and read on. 

Sweet and Sour Widow

11% CBD

weed/cannabis bud sweet and sour widow

Specifically bred for high CBD content, Sweet and Sour Widow is an indica-dominant strain with very mild psychoactive effects. This is perfect for the novice user who wants to gradually make the switch from CBD to THC. It has a mild, sweet-onion scent and is a gentle strain to smoke, vape, or cook with. It’s calming, but the balancing effect of the CBD it won’t cause any brain fog.

Ringo’s Gift

12.5% CBD

weed/cannabis bud ringos gift

This high-CBD strain is a cross between Harle-Tsu and ACDC. While it’s natural to presume that its name comes from the drummer of the Beatles, it is actually named after cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo.  It comes in several phenotypes, including a 1:1 strain, but it is also available at an insane 24:1 ratio favoring CBD if you want to go all in. This is a great strain for anyone who wants to enjoy the soothing effects of cannabis without running the risk of falling into the dreaded “couch lock” for hours and hours.

Stephen Hawking Kush

13% CBD

weed/cannabis bud stephen hawking kush

Named after the famous physicist, this strain was created by cross-pollinating Harle-Tsu cannabis strains with Sin City Kush. It’s particularly high in CBD and comes in three different phenotypes, each has a characteristic sweet berry and mind aroma. The high CBD content and mild effects of this strain make it great for suppressing nausea and muscle pain. 


14% CBD

weed/cannabis bud remedy

This strain is a cross between Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk. It has a high proportion of CBD and striking, yellow-tinted buds with a frosty coat of trichomes. It has a distinct and refreshing lemon and pine scent, and when it is inhaled you’ll notice a sweet and floral taste. It gently climbs up into a mild and mellow experience which is far less jarring than the high from THC-heavy strains.


14% CBD

weed/cannabis bud acdc

This soothing and gentle strain won’t shake you (or keep you up) all night long. AC/DC is a sativa-dominant variant of the high CBD Cannatoinic strain. It has a notably high CBD to THC ratio, even by the standards of CBD strains. It is practically totally non-psychoactive which allows users to enjoy many of the benefits of cannabis all with a clear head.

Charlotte’s Web

20% CBD

hemp bud charlottes web

This strain of hemp is possibly the most famous strain in the word. It was famously used to treat a young girl, Charlotte Figi, with her rare seizure disorder. Thanks to its hemp lineage, Charlotte’s Web has next to no THC content. 

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