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6 Weed Strains With the Most CBD

THC likes to hog the spotlight, but a new challenger to the hotly-contested Most Famous Cannabinoid throne has appeared: CBD. While today, CBD is widely available (and most recognizable in its oil form), it wasn’t too long ago that no one knew what ...

The Best 1:1 Weed Strains

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular every day. Dozens of new products seem to hit the shelves every day, from topical ointments to vape juice. The CBD scene has come a long way from a few drops of oil in a latte. Even in countries where ...

8 Weed Strains With The Most THC

Over the past year, it’s seemed like when it comes to conversations around weed, CBD is hogging the spotlight. However, for many of us, THC is still the star of the show. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the cannabinoid that is most closely linked with the ...

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