5 Biggest Male Celebs Who Vape

There are some universal truths in life that we just can’t get away from and one of them is the fact that, whether we like it or not, celebrity culture has a massive impact on our buying habits. Of course, lots of us like to sit tall on our anti-consumerism high horses and think we’re not so easily influenced. And maybe some people aren’t, but let’s be real – what celebs are and aren’t wearing, drinking, driving and – these days – vaping with has a big (even if somewhat indirect) impact on what we choose to spend our money on. 

With that in mind, here’s a round up of some of the coolest male celebrities who are capitalizing as much on their love of vaping as they are on their more traditional accomplishments, and influencing current cannabis culture as a result. 

Snoop Dogg

Snopp Dogg Vapes

Image Credit: By Adam J. Sablich on shutterstock.

Snoop isn’t exactly what you’d call new to the cannabis scene. The rapper’s name is virtually synonymous with cannabis, and he’s literally written hundreds of songs where he expresses his not inconsiderable fondness for the herb. Of course, when you think Snoop you probably think blunts and bongs but no pigeon holing here please – Snoop loves to vape so much that he even developed his own device, The Snoop Dogg G Pen

Willie Nelson

willie nelson vapes

Image Credit:By Randy Miramontez on shutterstock.

A contender for least surprising entry in an article about cannabis. Nelson is an icon of American cannabis culture. The octogenarian Texan has been a vocal cannabis activist for decades, and with the advent of legalisation, he remains an iconic figure. Nelson was one of the founders of outlaw country, rebellious response to the stagnant Nashville sound. 

After all this time it looks like he’s held onto this openness to innovation. The life-long cannabis fan recently made the jump from joints to vapes, “I use vaporizer a lot. It cuts down on the heat and the smoke, and for a singer, that’s not a bad idea.”

Action Bronson

action bronson vapes

Image Credit: By betto rodrigues on shutterstock.

Rapper, writer, and chef Action Bronson is fond of cannabis. Now, this isn’t that unusual for a rapper, some people seem to think it’s a prerequisite for the job. Regardless, Bronson is a big fan, however, because he tours so much, he faces some barriers to his enjoyment. These mainly come in the form of airport security. 

Despite this, Bronson has found a way to get around this, though we can’t recommend that you follow suit. In an interview with GQ, he listed the 10 things he can’t live without, and the first thing he brought up was his vape. Taking a cue from Snoop, Bronson has his own branded GPen, a limited edition microG dry herb vaporizer. 

The Weeknd

the weeknd vapes

Image Credit: By Debby Wong on shutterstock.

The Weeknd has suddenly been thrust back into the limelight thanks to his cameo in Netflix movie, Uncut Gems. The Canadian singer is well known for his electronic R&B anthems about partying, so it’s no surprise to find that he’s a fan of cannabis. 

In a collaboration with Pax, the Weeknd released a personalised Pax 2 portable vaporizer. This compact and sleek vape offers fantastic vapor quality in a truly stylish package. Vaporizers are certainly easier on singer’s throats than combustion-based methods, so we’re in little doubt that The Weeknd uses this device when he’s on tour and needs to keep his voice in good condition. 

Bonus Pick: Laurence Fishburne…Kind Of

laurence fishburne vapes

Image Credit: By Massimiliano Marino on shutterstock.

Laurence Fishburne cemented his fame by playing the iconic role of Morpheus in The Matrix, and since then he’s remained an established part of the Hollywood glitterati. He gained a serious cult following for his role as Jack Crawford from the TV adaptation of Hannibal. When he’s not busy chasing down macabre killers, Crawford is open to the idea of vaping cannabis. 

In a touching scene, Crawford bonds with his wife by sharing her medicinal cannabis with her. The device he uses? The Arizer Solo! He takes a long drag from the portable vaporizers glass mouthpiece before announcing, ‘“I’m supporting my wife.” While we can’t confirm whether he uses the vaporizer in real life, his character was certainly convincing.

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