5 Female Celebs Who Vape

In the past few years, the taboo surrounding all things cannabis has quickly become a thing of the past. Sure, there’s still some pearl-clutching from those who are more old-fashioned and reactionary, but for the most part, people are pretty cool with it. No one is this more eveident than the world of celebrities. Where once cannabis was the mark of a pure rebel with only the most transgressive entertainers admitting to using it, now, it’s the mark of… well, not much in particular. Weed is nearly as normalized as alcohol and today dozens of public figures happily admit to their love of the herb.

Of course, there have been some changes. Gone are the dirty smoky bongs and ashtrays of the past. Today, many celebrities are choosing the smoother, healthier alternative of a cannabis vape.

Whoopi Goldberg

From Sister Act and Ghost to the daily grind of The View, Whoopi is something of a celebrity icon. She may also be one of the most famous vape users in the world. In an interview with the Cannabist in 2014, Goldberg revealed that she uses her vaporizer to help cope with the headaches brought on by her glaucoma, “These glaucoma-induced headaches come on like freight trains – like, BOOM, my head starts hurting, my eyes start bugging, my whole body starts to tense up.” She found that her vaporizer was the perfect solution to this persistent problem. In fact, she became so fond of it she decided to give it a name, “The vape pen has changed my life. No, I’m not exaggerating. In fact, her name is Sippy. Yes, she’s a she. And yes, I named her Sippy because I take tiny, little sips – sassy sips, even – from her. And with each sip comes relief – from pressure, pain, stress, discomfort.”

Goldberg turned to vaporizers for a common reason; she found that smoking joints and other combustion-based ways of consuming cannabis were too harsh on her lungs. Her daughter, Maya, was the first person to introduce her to the vape scene with a desktop vape, but Goldberg quickly graduated to a more convenient vaporizer pen.

Goldberg claims to prefer cartridge-style vape pens, “I like the simple pens with cartridges of THC oil because, if you’re not a smoker or you can’t inhale deeply, it’s a wonderful way of ingesting cannabis.” Perhaps Sippy is a Kandypens Special K? This ultra-compact vape is discreet, elegant, and features a 1 ml gold glass liquid tank. The device is easily rechargeable via USB and features a simple 1 button control scheme, perfect for Whoopi, a self-confessed technophobe.

Missy Suicide

You may not recognise Missy Suicide AKA Selina Mooney, but you will without a doubt recognize her website; Suicide Girls. This site is a cult favorite for tattooed pinups and alt-models. Mooney founded the site in 2001 as an online community and platform for unique models. It quickly became an online phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe. Mooney envisioned the site as a place where women could express their sexuality on their own terms. 

From its inception, Suicide Girls has been about offering a niche to creative and off-beat communities. It should be no surprise that this type of person may also be into cannabis, Mooney certainly is. In fact, she’s so into it that she has taken it upon herself to create and market her own vape pen cartridges. These come in three varieties, the daytime and energising ‘Hustle’ the nighttime ‘Chill’, and the happy medium, ‘Zero’.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is a popular stand-up comedian renowned for her edgy style of humor that leaves no taboo untouched. She made her name as a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live before breaking out on her own and has since performed on dozens of stages and film and television sets. She’s also a vape fan. 

In 2014, Silverman grabbed headlines when she showed the world her vape pen loaded with “liquid pot.” She revealed her vape on the Emmys’ red carpet, specifically on the E! Channel’s “clutch cam,” (a device intended to showcase a female star’s accessories). The hosts got more than they bargained for when Silverman revealed her vaporizer. “This is my pot. It’s, um, liquid pot,” She said, showing the pen off to the camera.

Silverman’s vape of choice seems to be the J-pen, a single button concentrate vaporizer. This is a compact and sleek model, perfect for fitting into a tiny red-carpet even clutch. 

Chelsea Handler

But it’s not just Silverman, many Hollywood comedians are huge fans of cannabis vapes. Chelsea Handler is a late-night host, New York Times best-selling author, and even landed herself a place on the Time 100 Most Influential People List. She’s also a budding (excuse the pun) Cannapeneur. 

Handler has been an outspoken cannabis advocate for years and has used her platform to draw attention to the issues of legalisation and minority persecution. Recently, however, she’s adopted a more hands-on approach to the cannabis industry, she’s even gone as far as to start her own cannabis industry brand. The brand specifically targets women, especially those who may find the cannabis scene somewhat imposing. She has partnered up with the Santa Rosa-based NorCal to create a line of vape cartridges. Clearly there is a trend for oil-like concentrates in Hollywood. With this in mind, may we suggest the Dr Dabber Ghost? It’s a fantastic concentrate vape pen that will allow oil fans like Handler to enjoy a vape experience in a discreet and user-friendly package. 

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is probably one of the most well known, and even controversial celebrities in the world. She seems to be nearly omnipresent thanks to her world-famous reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, her huge social media reach, and her public relationship with Kanye West.

While it can be hard to remember any single thing Kardashian is famous for, one well-known aspect of her public persona is her love of CBD. When she was expecting her fourth child, Kardashian organized a CBD-themed baby shower. While CBD may not be as notorious as its psychoactive cousin, THC, its still a cannabis product. The event was jam-packed with CBD products, from tincture to topical creams. One notable feature was the presence of CBD vaporizers, which are frequently lauded as the most effective way to consume CBD. The party-goers were provided Wildflower CBD vaporizers to enjoy, allowing them to indulge in the calming effects of cannabis without the mind-altering properties of THC.

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