The 5 Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

Thinking about trying a dry herb vape as an alternative to smoking joints? You’re not the only one. Dry herb vapes are big business these days with countless people choosing them over the old fashion J. But for newbies, it can be hard to figure out if they’re right for you and, if so, which is going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Why Use A Portable Dry Herb Vape?

There are a ton of reasons to choose this option over others. Here are four:
  1. Many medical practitioners see vaporizers as a healthier and safer way to consume cannabis without all the toxins that combustion methods create.
  2. The clue is in the name — portability. These vapes tend to be sleek, easy to stash in your pants pocket and just generally easier to use on the go.
  3. Another reason follows along with the massive change in the public perception of cannabis; no more is it associated with college parties and piles of chips. Now, it is rapidly adopting a clean, positive, nearly yoga-esque aesthetic, one which vaoes align with perfectly.
  4. Um, because they’re cool. What could be better suited to this new legal cannabis lifestyle than a sleek and compact electronic device that eschews the ash and grime many people associate with smoking? Say “goodbye” to the stereotypical rasta-stoner image and “hello” to the 21st century of sexy cannabis consumption.

Whatever your reason for trying them, dry herb vapes are here to stay. For some of us, however, these devices can be more than a little confusing. The vaporizer market is growing at a rapid rate and it seems as though a new model is out every other day. On top of this, the industry is packed full of jargon that can intimidate and put off potential customers.

So, to help you navigate the complicated world of dry herb vaping, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the very best vaporizers on the market today.

Dry Herb Vapes 101

One of the first things you’ll notice reading this list is a lot of annoying jargon. Let’s break that down real quick so you know exactly what we’re talking about in each review.

Heating Systems

When it comes to heating systems, the terms of choice are conduction and convection. These describe how a vape heats the herb inside it. Conduction vaporizers do this directly much like a stove, convection heats indirectly, like an oven. The key difference between the two being that convection tends to be faster while conduction tends to produce dense vapor.

Chamber Material

The next confusing term you may run into is the heating chamber’s material. Chambers are generally made out of non-reactive, food-safe materials. However, some people prefer a ceramic chamber, claiming that it offers a purer flavor.

Temperature Range

This describes the spectrum of temperatures a vape can provide. Controlling the temperature of your vape is one of the most direct ways you can control your vape experience. If you like a mild, smooth vapor, then a lower temperature should suit you. If you want thick clouds, then push the temperature as high (get it?) as you can.

Pro tip: Be aware that if you don’t frequently clean your vape, then higher temperatures can cause combustion!

The Best Dry Herb Vapes on the Market

So you’re clear on the advantages of using a dry herb vape, and you’re down with the general jargon. Now it’s time to take a look at the best products available.

  • Price
  • Vape Type
  • Heating System
  • Heat-Up Time
  • Temperature Range
  • Battery type
  • Battery Charging Time
  • Battery Life

Crafty - $229.99 $279.99

Portable vaporizer "the crafty"
10Expert Score

You may have noticed that The Mighty is an imposingly large vape and this may not be to everyone’s taste, some of us appreciate a more compact and space-efficient vaporizer. So the clever clogs at Storz & Bickel created The Crafty, which offers a lot of the same features as The Mighty but is significantly smaller and more portable.They’ve managed this by streamlining and simplifying. For example, The Crafty features a single button control scheme. They’ve also made sure it’s compatible with the Storz & Bickel vape app used for The Mighty and this allows you a level of control over your vape experience that's hard to beat. Thinking it’s all sounding too good to be true? Correct. The compact size of this device does come at a cost though - its battery life is somewhat more limited than that of The Mighty, but still head and shoulders above the market average.

  • More Affordable Than the Mighty
  • More Discreet Too
  • Much Fast Charge Time
  • Less Battery Life
  • Long Heat Up Time

Firefly 2+ - $249.95

The firefly 2+ portable vape
10Expert Score

The Firefly 2+ is an awesome vape that’s the next iteration on the massively popular Firefly 2. It features a fantastic glass vapor path that ensures that there’s zero chance of your vapor coming into contact with any plastics or metals used in the construction of the device. It also features a simple, single-button activation system. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s wanting for customisation. It’s fully compatible with a slick and user-friendly design that ensures a vape experience that you can perfectly tailor to your tastes. All of this combined with a lightning-fast heat up time of a mere 3 seconds, and it’s dynamic convection that ensures your chamber is kept at a consistent temperature, means that this is the ideal vape for when you’re on the go.

  • Simple Activation System
  • Slick Design
  • Super Fast Heat Up Time
  • High Price Point
  • Short battery life so not great for parties

The Arizer Solo 2 - $184.99 $249.99

portable vape arizer 2
10Expert Score

Arizer has more than one premium quality vape to their name. The Arizer Solo 2 is a portable vaporizer that trades a little discretion for even more impressive vapor quality. The power of the Solo 2 makes this device perfect for those who enjoy vaping in the comfort of their own home but don’t want to be bogged down by the extra bulk of a desktop vaporizer. Just because it’s less portable in design doesn’t mean that Arizer have skimped on battery life. The Solo 2 features a battery life that stands up next to some of the most expensive devices on the market. The most striking feature of this vape is its long glass mouthpiece. This ensures that your vapor is thoroughly cooled and smooth before you inhale it. It comes with a selection of mouthpieces, including a 90mm and 110mm glass mouthpieces. It also features a more ergonomic curved mouthpiece, for those who want to enjoy their vape experience in comfort.

  • Excellent Vapor Quality
  • Impressive Battery Life
  • Range of Mouthpiece Options for Comfort-Seekers
  • A little less discreet than the Air 2
  • Much Longer Charge Time

The Boundless CFX - $149.99 $179.99

portable vape boundless cfx
10Expert Score

The Boundless CFX likes to portray itself as a more budget-friendly version of Storz & Bickel’s Mighty. However, this vaporizer is so much more than a pretender. A fantastic model in its own right, the CFX boasts a powerful heater, a clear and easy to read screen and a handy folding mouthpiece that makes it supremely easy to use. It also has a hefty battery, making it great for sharing around at parties. On top of all of this, the Boundless is capable of delivering a dense, potent vapor. Thanks to its high-grade ceramic heating chamber, you can be sure that each hit will be smooth and untainted. And because of its combination conduction/convection heating system you’ll get the most from your dry herb.

  • More Affordable Price Point
  • Folding Mouthpiece Makes It Easy to Use
  • Potent Vapor Production
  • Short battery life
  • Long charge time

Flowermate v5.os Mini Pro Vape - $139.00

portable vape flowermate mini pro v5
10Expert Score

The Flowermate v5 Mini is one of the most compact and discreet vaporizers on the market today. Its stylish and discreet design makes it a great vaporizer for first-time buyers who want to break into the vape scene with a little pizzazz. However, vape veterans will be more than happy with the solid, reliable design, too. One of the most striking features of the v5 is its adjustable airflow which ensures a comfortable vape experience that’s tailored to your own personal tastes.

  • Most Affordable Dry Herb Vape
  • Small Size Makes It Very Discreet
  • Adjustable Airflow Ability
  • Suffers from air flow problems
  • Long charge time
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