10 Best Vapes You Can Take On A Plane

There’s nothing worse than standing in line for airport security, watching your bag trundle through the x-ray machine, and then being pulled aside by a bored TSA member and knowing you’re about to be grilled about the mysterious device in your bag. Unfortunately, this is a risk we all run when we travel. When you’re travelling with a dry herb vape, however, this risk is potentially elevated. 

Maybe you’re the career jet-setting type, maybe you go on a lot of vacations, maybe you’re in a cross-continental relationship (hang in there, bro) or maybe you just want to be prepared for all eventualities. Whatever your reasons, we’ve composed this list of the best portable vaporizers that you can bring from state to state, country to country, and even across time zones. 

Things To Be Wary of When Travelling With Your Vape

With the rapidly growing acceptance of cannabis and sweeping wave of legalization, it can be easy to forget that the federal prohibition is still in place. Even if you’re flying from one legal state to another, you need to be mindful of the fact that any amount of cannabis in your luggage or on your person can put you at risk of legal sanctions. 

Thoroughly cleaning out your vape, focusing specifically on its chamber, can help keep TSA trouble at bay. Even the dried-out residue left over after a sweet session could potentially land you in hot water. Using isopropyl alcohol, q-tips, and paper towels you can get that baby as clean as a whistle and glide on through security with your head held high. 

First, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about vapes and air travel.

1. Should I Keep My Vape In My Checked-In Luggage?

No. The TSA prohibits any vaping device from being carried in checked luggage. This is because of multiple high-profile stories in which vape batteries overheated and exploded mid-flight. You do not want to be that guy. 

2. Can I Charge My Vape On A Plane?

Also no. The Department of Transportation has banned the charging of any electronic vape devices on flights.

3. Can I Vape On A Plane?

Really? No – just, no. The bathrooms on planes are equipped with smoke alarms and your vape will nearly certainly set them off. It is not worth the risk.

The Best Vapes To Take On A Plane

  • Price
  • Vape Type
  • Heating System
  • Heat-Up Time
  • Temperature Range
  • Battery type
  • Battery Charging Time
  • Battery Life

Mighty Vaporizer - $349.00

product review mighty vape
10Expert Score

The Mighty from Storz & Bickel is one of the best portable vaporizers for long journeys. With a construction that’s robust and shock resistant, the vented black plastic body is more than capable of standing up the trials and tribulations of travel. The Mighty’s battery is above and beyond that of most portable vaporizers, so you can be sure that no matter how far you have to travel this vape won’t let you down. Of course, this powerful battery does come with a downside. It is simply too high capacity to allow USB charging so comes with a bespoke charger. This means that if you’re travelling overseas to a country that may have a different AC outlet you’ll need an adapter.  The Mighty uses Storz & Bickels tried and tested hybrid heating system which combines conduction and convection to produce dense and potent vapor that is unmatched by any other portable vape on the market today and can only enrich your travels with the very best vaping experience.

  • Robust Body
  • Exceptional Battery Life 
  • Potent Vapor
  • High Price Point
  • Bulk Makes It Indiscreet
  • Can Be Tricky To Charge

Pax 2 - $149.99

Product review Pax 2 vape
10Expert Score

Ok, The Mighty is pretty good, but what if you’re travelling light? In that case, a Pax vaporizer will serve your needs perfectly. The Pax 2 was built with a compact design in mind so it’s ideal for baggage restrictions. Don’t worry though, the slightness of this vape doesn’t come at any cost to the battery life. The Pax 2 features a high capacity battery that increases usage by up to 30%. It also comes with a sweet magnetic USB charging dock which will work wherever you are in the world as long as you have a standard USB slot. The Pax 2 is also perfect for quick, surreptitious vape sessions which makes it perfect for train and bus travel if you’ve got a long journey ahead. It features an internal accelerometer and innovative lip sensor that work in concert to ensure that the heating system is only activated when it’s in use. You don’t have to worry about inadvertently wasting your battery while you’re on the go.

  • Better for Light Traveling
  • Great Battery Life
  • Perfect for Quick Use
  • Easy to Charge Wherever You Are
  • 40 Gram Herb Chamber

FireFly 2 - $249.95

The firefly 2+ portable vape
10Expert Score

If you want to combine compact size with impressive power, then The FireFly 2 is for you. This is a smaller, more discreet vape, but thanks to its magnesium alloy construction, you can be sure that it is more than capable of surviving any journey. This alloy is dent and scratch resistant, ensuring that all the delicate components of the heating system are well protected. This level of resilience is especially important as the Firefly 2 features a borosilicate glass vapor path. This type of glass is totally non-reactive and resistant to thermal shock. This means that the vapor produced by the Firefly 2 is dense, tasty, and 100% pure.

  • Durable Design
  • Beautifully Pure Vapor
  • Discreet Size
  • Large of Number on Negative Online Reviews

Davinci IQ - $229.99 $274.99

product review davinci iq vape
10Expert Score

The DaVinci IQ is an aesthetically beautiful vaporizer that will elicit nothing but looks of admiration from everyone who sees it. It’ll also look pretty good in your holiday selfies, too. Its compact size and sleek design mean that you can find space for it even in the most over-packed of luggage. Its minimalist design means that there’s little that can be damaged in transit.  The Davinci IQ is the last word in high-quality, stylish conduction vaping. The IQ is the perfect portable vaporizer for anyone who prioritizes the flavor of their vapor. This is down to two factors - its construction and its heating system. The air path and chamber on this vape are made out of high-quality ceramic which is a totally non-reactive material that guarantees you a pure and untainted vapor. The heating system is 100% convection, ensuring that your herb is gradually heated until it produces a dense, and flavorful vapor - just what you need after a long flight.

  • Stylish Design Makes It Great for the Gram
  • Not Easily Damaged
  • Pure vapor production
  • Hinges Can Become Loose

Magic Flight Launch Box - $119.00

Magic Flight vape review
10Expert Score

There’s no escaping it, flying with airlines produces a serious carbon footprint which, for many of us, this elicits more than a little guilt. So, what better way to assuage that guilt than with an eco-friendly vaporizer? The Magic Flight Launch Box is a unique and striking portable vaporizer. It has a distinctive handmade, hardwood body, eschewing the harmful plastics of other products. This vaporizer is the epitome of simplicity – it has no cords, no plugs, or any other clutter that could bog it down. Its heating system is similarly simple. You simply push its pre-charged alkaline battery into the power aperture and it should heat up almost instantly (in less than 10 seconds). While the Launch Box comes with a glass mouthpiece, there is nothing stopping you from inhaling directly from the box.

  • More Affordable Price
  • Available in a Range of Wood Finishes
  • Simple Design
  • Fast Heat Up Time
  • Regular AA Batteries Not Advised

G Pen Pro - $89.95

G Pen Pro portable vape product review
10Expert Score

If you’re a total vape newbie, then the G Pen Pro may be for you. This is a compact, understated and discreet vaporizer that will fit snugly in your hand luggage. The G Pen’s design won’t catch anyone’s eye, but that can be seen as an advantage - especially if you have to pull it out of your luggage at any point. It’s an extremely straightforward and easy to use vaporizer and features an aluminium body that is fingerprint and scratch-resistant, so you can rest assured that it will arrive at your destination in one piece.

  • Very Affordable Price
  • Best Suited to Novice Vapers
  • Very Discreet
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Has Had Problems With Battery and Coil Communication (Battery will flash 3 times)

Black Mamba Vaporizer - $49.99

portable vape black mamba
10Expert Score

Occasionally you’ll find yourself on a flight to a destination where you don’t want to risk any of your more expensive tech. Maybe you’re on route to a music festival, or an adventure holiday out in the wilds. You may want to avoid putting any of your expensive possessions on the line, so you switch them out for rugged, functional, but expendable alternatives. While you can easily swap out your expensive iPhone for a less flashy handset, what can you do with your vape? The Black Mamba is a streamlined, functional, but affordable vaporizer. It is compact and easy to use, and best of all, it is incredibly affordable. Don’t worry, despite its low price, the Black Mamba’s build quality is fantastic. It has enough room in its chamber for a respectable session and it features a surprisingly brief heat up time. Its ceramic chamber offers fantastic flavour on top of all of this, too.

  • Best Low-Budget Vape
  • Sleek Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Short Battery Life

Arizer Air 2 - $174.99$239.99

portable vape arizer 2
10Expert Score

The Arizer Air 2 is a portable vape that’s become known for its incredible hybrid heating. When you power up this vaporizer you get to enjoy the best of both conduction and convection, all in one compact portable package. It offers intuitive controls that let you set the temperature of your chamber to your ideal setting. You can see exactly what’s going on inside your vaporizer thanks to the distinct and clear OLED display. Of course, like all the other vapes in this list, the Air 2 is carry-on luggage friendly, more than capable of slipping discreetly into any bag or even a pocket. 

  • Great Heating System
  • Easy to Use
  • Discreet Design
  • Not As Powerful as Other Vapes

Ghost MV1 - $184.99 $225.00

Ghost MV1 Vape product review
10Expert Score

The Ghost MV1 Is perfect for quick, sessions in between transfers. While its distinctive shape is a bit less compact than many other portable vapes, it should still fit in any carry-on bag. Its true convection heating and isolated air path ensures that it is smooth and flavourful and, to top it all off, It features a lightning fast heat up time which makes it perfect for microdosing.

  • Comes in a Range of Colors Including Rose Gold
  • Smooth Vaping Experience
  • Fast Heat Up Time
  • Not Particularly Discreet

Arizer Go - Arizer Go $184.99 $269.99

Arizer Go Vape product review
10Expert Score

Let’s say you’re travelling light, so light that you have little more than your jacket and a laptop bag. This calls for an extremely small vape. Enter The Arizer Go (ArGo) - one of the smallest vaporizers on the market. It’s extremely small and compact, even by the standards of portable vapes. Thankfully though, this discretion doesn’t come at the cost of power. The ArGo is more than capable of producing fantastic vapor quickly, thanks to its rapid heat up time. 

  • Small Size Makes It Great for Travelling
  • Very Discreet
  • Excellent Heat Up Time
  • Not Good for Sharing Around a Group
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