The 5 Best Vapes You Can Buy in 2020

Vaporizers are one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis today. Using specialised heating systems, they gently evaporate the active ingredients locked in the plant matter while leaving all of the harmful toxins behind. As well as this, they also allow you to get more from your herb and to customize the kind of high you get through adaptable heating systems that cater to your particular preferences. 


And let’s be honest here, they’re cool AF. Gone are the clunky ugly models that dominated the formative years of the industry. Today’s vape are sexy as hell and any tech nerd worth their salt is going to be just as into the visual design elements as they are into the herb they pack it with. 


But, as with anything, not all vape devices are created equal. Some are absolute must-haves for any cannabis enthusiast who takes their high seriously, while others really aren’t worth your time. And with hundreds of devices on the market and not enough hours in the day (or f’s to give) to go through each and every one, how are you supposed to know which is which?


Easy. Just sit back and let us do the work for you with our list of the 5 best vaporizers on the market today. 

  • Price
  • Vape Type
  • Heating System
  • Heat-Up Time
  • Temperature Range
  • Battery type
  • Battery Charging Time
  • Battery Life

DaVinci IQ - $229.00 $274.99

product review davinci iq vape
10Expert Score
The Best Vaporizer For Flavor

The Davinci IQ does one thing better than nearly any other vaporizer - it provides the purest flavour possible. Every aspect of its design is built from the ground up to guarantee a tasty vape experience. The IQ features an all-ceramic air path and this non-reactive material delivers pure, untainted vapor. Purity is further augmented by the efficient and thorough convection heating which gradually bakes the vapor out of your dry herb. Cannabis never tasted so dang good.

  • Incredible Flavor
  • Powerful Convection Heating
  • Stylish Design
  • Unusual display may be confusing to some
  • Single-button control can be restrictive
  • This baby doesn’t come cheap

PAX 3 - $249.99

Product review Pax 3 vape
10Expert Score
The Best For Discreet Power

Discretion is the better part of valour and there are few vaporizers that offer so much power in such a discreet package as the Pax 3. With dual-use functions, allowing users to enjoy both dry herb and concentrates, it features bluetooth connectivity that allows you to access a huge amount of control with a bespoke smartphone app. Its convection heating offers potent vapour and is powered by a hefty battery that offers up to 10 sessions on a single charge.

  • Discreet and Sleek Design
  • Rapid Heat-Up Time
  • Haptic Feedback
  • The app is just downright cool
  • Single-button control system can be restrictive
  • Bluetooth app needed to get the most out of this vapee

Arizer Air 2 - $174.00 $239.99

product review arizer 2 vape
10Expert Score
The Best For Vaping Whenever, and Wherever You Want

The Arizer Air 2 offers lightning-fast heat-up time and dense and tasty vapor. This is all thanks to its hybrid heating system that delivers the best of both conduction and convection heating in one sweet little package. It offers full temperature control down to the nearest degree. This means you can have a vape experience that suits your tastes perfectly.

  • Intuitive Digital Control
  • Rapid Heat Up Time
  • Non-Reactive Glass Mouthpiece
  • The very masculine design aesthetic isn’t particularly sleek and might not work for everyone.

The Mighty - $349.00

product review mighty vape
10Expert Score
The Best Vaporizer For Power

The Mighty from Storz & Bickel is one of the most powerful portable vaporizers in the world. It uses Storz & Bickels famous hybrid heating system and a powerful array of batteries to deliver vapor that’s more potent and pure than nearly any other vaporizer. Its broad and clear LED display makes control simple and intuitive and its battery capacity is nearly unmatched.

  • Powerful Heating
  • Pure Vapor
  • Long Battery Life
  • Very large for a portable vaporizer
  • No USB charging option
  • Not remotely affordable unless your Elon Musk.

Hydrology 9 - $199.99

product review hydrology 9 vape
10Expert Score
The Best Water Cooling

The Hydrology 9 is a striking and futuristic vaporizer and a game-changer when it comes to cool, smooth vape experiences. Its stainless steel construction houses a powerful battery and convection heating chamber. However, the real stand out quality of the Hydrology 9 is its vapor quality. A combination of a built-in water cooling system and a high-quality borosilicate glass mouthpiece ensure that every pull from this vape will be gentle and cool.

  • Innovative Water Cooling
  • Cool, Smooth Vapor
  • More affordable than other similar devices
  • Water can be fiddly to change
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